Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tarkanian & Higher Education

With one statement, Danny Tarkanian removed himself from the group of politicians I will support in the upcoming election. Tarkanian, in a debate with Horsford, said he didn’t believe higher education should be a right. He said new provisions to subsidize college education would not be wise because of the economic problems facing the country. This is an outrageously ignorant statement. Only higher education has the ability to prepare our citizens to make the American economy recover. Tarkanian’s views would continue to spiral the downward plunge of the American economy. Whatever my differences are with Horsford, they become irrelevant when compared to Tarkainan’s fifth century thinking. 


  1. Jim,
    I don't understand why Nevada has such a WEAK bench. Are there no serious folks who want to run for office? How about you?

  2. So, Steven Horsford has promised you he will work to get more money for Higher Education in Nevada?

    1. Yes, especially in medical education and medical care.

    2. Hope it works for the University and UMC in particular, they could use the funds. Certainly shows how close the balance is in your mind. But it sounds to me like he bribed you Jim, he is good at finding that weak spot. I certainly hope this is not the case, if it turns out to be the case I hope you will plaster it all over the city.