Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Right Wing’s Psychotic Belief

I’m 74 years old.  I voted in every election since I was in college.  Most of the time it’s been for a Democrat.  But many of the Republicans who ran, although their philosophies were different from mine, were men of integrity, thoughtfulness, reasonableness and true devotion to this country.  I found that to be true even up through the George W. Bush election.  The last four years have not only driven me from supporting any Republican candidate, they have frightened me because of the right wing’s psychotic belief that everything is wrong and only they can fix it.  Fixing it is impossible if these right wingers get into office.  Their thinking defies logic.  Their thinking is not based on fact.  Their thinking is the result of a gathering of many mental midgets who have stoked each other to believe they’re right.  I hope and believe they will fail.


  1. The left believes the exact same thing of themselves and all one has to do is look at the ACA debates and votes in Congress. The left held both houses and they excluded all the right had to say then passed ACA in a 100% partisan vote. Funny thing about ACA once they pushed it past every hurdle they started telling the unhappy public ACA was based on something the right proposed back in the Clinton era and something Romney got passed in a bi-partisan way in Massachusetts!
    First it was only the left can get this done then it was claimed (without using the phrase) to be bi-partisan. Go figure.

  2. Both parties stink! If either knew what to do to fix our problems, they would have done it long ago!