Tuesday, October 2, 2012

“Rules of Conduct”

Horsford has two “Rules of Conduct”.  One for Horsford and one for everyone else.  He expects everyone to pay their bills but he doesn’t pay his.  The man has no understanding of money, how it’s made, how it is spent and what results should be expected from wise investing.  He certainly is not a person I’d ever let near my financial structure.  The perfect example of his misuse of funds is the state’s failure to maintain the physical conditions of its K-12 system. 


  1. Remind me Jim, never to get you angry!

  2. No kidding Bruce!

    To Jim Rodgers. You have impressed me this cycle with these posts. A man who considers principle over party is a rare man indeed.

    True, education funding is a problem and I am not involved in it enough to offer any solutions but Steven Horsford knows less than I do. One good thing is the improvement in graduation rates recently. Someone is doing some good things with the existing funds. Also it is expensive to fix a problem built up over decades while making repairs on the fly. While I may not agree with your funding ideas it believe we would happily agree improvement is a good thing. I hope Dwight Jones sticks around for a few more years, maybe till retirement.

    I wish you could express your opinions on 3, you do those editorials but I know about equal time rules and it force you to give Horsford airtime. But it might force him to come on your show in public and I cannot see any bad coming from that.

  3. Hi Steve,
    There are no equal times rules. Those rules ceased years ago. Although, it is our policy to allow equal time.
    With regards to the interviews, we have invited Steven Horsford about fifteen times at least. Never returned a phone call.

  4. Jim, I did not know those rules were removed. A good thing, lets local needs decide what airs.
    I know many people, even today, who get all their information via the tv.

    It is astounding Steven Horsford decided to snub you. If the polls flip, even if they don't, I hope you decide to make your opinion much more widely known.