Thursday, October 11, 2012

Question 2 On The November Ballot

For the next 12 days Jim will discuss the Clark County School District’s plan to seek a levy that will support the improvement of school facilities and provide equitable learning environments throughout the valley.  This “Pay-As-You-Go” plan supports Superintendent Dwight Jones’ efforts to move CCSD from the fastest-growing district in the nation to the fastest-improving district in the nation.

Question 2 on the November ballot will provide schools with the basic needs of water, air conditioning and power.  The “Pay-As-You-Go” (PAYGO) plan provides a fiscally responsible way to finance school construction projects, similar to those used by families to save and purchase items for their homes. Go to for more information.

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  1. What I don't see are any explanations as to how these maintenance needs were allowed to get this far out of date. It is far less costly to handle things like this as they arise. How did it get so far out of repair in the first place? Is there anything in place to prevent this kind of neglect reoccurring?