Monday, October 8, 2012

Met With Horsford

I just finished a one hour conversation with Steven Horsford and his mentor, Billy Vassiliadis.  Both of us knew that philosophically we agreed on the solution of most of this state’s major problems.  I expressed my frustration and concern over Steven’s past history of not seeking, and obviously not listening to, the advice of others and not giving others a seat at the table.  He assured me that would not happen in the future.  I have my doubts, but I believe it’s my duty and obligation to provide him the opportunity to prove that his actions in the future will be different from those in the past.

But given Horsford’s apparent sincerity in seeking to remedy the one major issue between us, I told him I would be eager to provide him an opportunity to prove that going forward, his actions would differ from the past.  Therefore, I am going to send both Horsford and Danny Tarkanian a request that within ten days they provide me a written analysis of how they would use their power as a member of the delegation to the U.S. Congress to develop the University of Nevada Medical School, Dental School and Nursing programs, along with combining University Medical Center as an entity that will provide medical care to southern Nevadans comparable to the best care in any community of like size.


  1. Hopefully Billy V is not the ghost writer of Steven H's words. For that matter, hopefully Steven H actually writes his own stuff for you. I don't have much faith in it.

    Considering his level of education you should be able to detect the difference.