Tuesday, October 2, 2012


One of the many short comings of a majority of U.S. citizens is they believe there is a simple answer to every complicated problem. They can’t understand why the rest of the world doesn’t know this. Steven Horsford, though a Democrat, has this same problem. Have you seen his latest ad which has his solutions to all our problems? The man has no understanding of banking, the workings of the fed and the necessity of the bailouts of the automobile and financial industries. He has no intellectual ability or work history that would enable him to solve any of this state’s financial or political problems. He is the cheerleader for irrelevant platitudes regardless of party affiliation. He’s not competent to hold any public office; certainly not an office in the federal government.

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  1. Bottom line. It took a long time to dig this financial hole and it will take a longer time and much effort to dig our way out.

    Good thing is this country has a long history of experience on this. We have only been out of debt 2 times before, both in the 1800's, so it is normal to carry a debt load. But this one is not being supported by war and its fast becoming the biggest we have ever carried.