Friday, October 26, 2012

More On Question 2

If the CCSD ballot question is not passed by the voters, as school facilities decay, money for repairs would come from the general operating budget.  This would require the Board of Trustees to make difficult choices, including existing programs, increasing class sizes, closing schools and reducing bus service.  Failure to support this bond issue is economic suicide.  


  1. I did NOT vote yes and here's why; my children attended the CCSD and got a lousy "education" and I use the word education loosely.
    The teachers they had could care less, with a few exceptions. The system is rotten and I put a lot of blame on the unions! As such, I pay for my grandson to attend an excellent Lutheran school, it has cut into my retirement but I refuse to let him be a victim of the system!

  2. For me its the modernization issue.
    Maintenance and repair should have been outsourced years ago.

  3. This waste just changed my mind.

    Also a case to be made to end early voting.
    I am glad I don't vote early.