Thursday, October 18, 2012

PAYGO & Overcrowding

With school enrollment up in Clark County by more than 3,000 students over last year, adequate facilities are as important as they have been over the last decade. Currently, five elementary schools serve more than 1,000 students on campuses designed for 725 children. Short-term measures, portable classrooms, restrooms and lunchrooms, increased staff and bus service, accommodate this increase in students.  Those efforts are charged to the District’s general fund. The PAYGO plan would also address overcrowding.

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  1. I changed my mind on Paygo because of your message yesterday. Older schools do need upgrading for modern tech. I also see they are looking for three computer techs. It would cost me to take one of those positions. But depending on what happens with Kodak next year and what I find elsewhere....

    On another education topic, the RJ has their picks for Regent. Who do you like?