Monday, October 22, 2012

A Romney Type

If you never dealt with someone in Mitt Romney’s business, you have no idea of the insensitivity, the brutality and the destructive nature of business people like Romney who believe the only measure of success is how much wealth they create for themselves.  I had one occasion with a Romney type in New York about 30 years ago.  He told me he would lend me money at 26% but that I need not worry about paying it back because he would take any payment overdue in stock in my company.  When the meeting ended, he suggested we go to dinner.  I told him I could not look across the table at his kind of trash.  I left obviously without a deal.


  1. That does not explain Harry Reids unfounded accusations on Romneys taxes. I am certain the IRS would have gone at Romney with all the power they can wield if they thought he actually did break any tax laws. All this has done is place Harry into the same camp as your money lender (loan shark) in New York 30 years ago.

    Two wrongs don't make a right, they make two wrong people. But Harry remains in power.

  2. Jim, if you hate Mormons so much, why not come out and say it. You run a business and speak as though you have been a victim of some injustice. If you were truly honorable the rate you charge for advertisements must be below 26% of cost; otherwise that would make you a hypocrite. BTW I compared Romneys charitable giving against yours, sorry you lost.

  3. Dear Sofa King,
    I’m interested in your source of information about how much money I have given to charities and how much Mr. Romney has given. Look at the July 1999 Time magazine. My wife and I were chosen as one of the top 11 philanthropists in the United States. Our gifts and pledges are over two-hundred and fifty million dollars. I believe that is far more than what Romney gives. Please respond.