Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dina Titus vs. Chris Edwards

Dina Titus vs. Chris Edwards.   
Before we get into the race between Mark Amodei and Samuel Koepnick, I have this brief comment about Dina Titus.  She is a very bright, knowledgeable and enthusiastic person who genuinely believes in Nevada’s future.  I generally feel that the public, through a long a torturous process, comes to the correct conclusion on the best person to represent it in public office.  The Titus-Gibbons election was totally contrary and inconsistent with my theory.  Gibbons was the disaster of Nevada’s leadership during the last 100 years.  Nevadans made a big mistake when they didn’t elect Dina Titus.  I’m sure that mistake will not be repeated and she will be reelected to Congress.  

I do not know anything about Chris Edwards other than he was in the Navy for 25 years.

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