Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dina Titus vs. Chris Edwards

Dina Titus vs. Chris Edwards.   
Before we get into the race between Mark Amodei and Samuel Koepnick, I have this brief comment about Dina Titus.  She is a very bright, knowledgeable and enthusiastic person who genuinely believes in Nevada’s future.  I generally feel that the public, through a long a torturous process, comes to the correct conclusion on the best person to represent it in public office.  The Titus-Gibbons election was totally contrary and inconsistent with my theory.  Gibbons was the disaster of Nevada’s leadership during the last 100 years.  Nevadans made a big mistake when they didn’t elect Dina Titus.  I’m sure that mistake will not be repeated and she will be reelected to Congress.  

I do not know anything about Chris Edwards other than he was in the Navy for 25 years.

Horsford / Millennium Scholarship

For five years, I was the chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education.

I want to discuss a misleading ad about Steven Horsford.

Preserving the Millennium scholarship and protecting needed funding for our state colleges and universities has always been Steven’s primary mission.  He provided outstanding leadership to protect the scholarship.  

In 2010, Nevada faced the choice of ensuring the Millennium Scholarship was still available for thousands of Nevada students.

Legislative leaders, the State Treasurer, and the Higher Education officials all agreed to transfer funds normally used for administrative purposes to support the scholarships.  All Democrats and all Republicans voted in favor.   Administrative funds were redirected which saved the scholarships with no impact on the budget.

Non-thinking and recklessly dangerous political groups now claim that saving the Millennium scholarship was a mistake because of Steven Horsford’s leadership.

That claim is both misleading and irresponsible.  Horsford’s vote to save the Millennium Scholarship was supported by unanimous bipartisan support and with the full support of the Higher Education System.

Steven Horsford and I are totally compatible and share the same vision on strengthening Nevada’s education system while making it accessible to every Nevadan.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Joe Heck vs. John Oceguera

Joe Heck vs. John Oceguera.  I watch and listen to Joe Heck’s ads.  I interviewed him twice on my noon show, Inside Nevada.  I would estimate that I agree with less than 50% of his positions on issues affecting Nevadans.  Joe is a thinking, very considerate, open-minded, hard-working and genuine person.  Those traits for me trump any differences he and I have philosophically.  

On the other hand, John Oceguera, whom I’ve known for at least ten years, and who has appeared on Inside Nevada at least twice, is a man without any character.  He has, as they say, gamed the system in that he’s become wealthy being a fireman and doing nothing to save this county and city money from the financial abuses of state and local employees.  I have no idea what John Oceguera stands for other than he stands for John Oceguera.   If he doesn’t scare you, you should reexamine your viewpoint.  The Heck-Oceguera contest is not even a close question for me.  My choice would be Heck.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dean Heller vs. Shelley Berkley

During the next five days, I’m going to give you my final impressions of the candidates in the five most important races that affect Nevada and Nevadans directly. 

FIRST – Dean Heller vs. Shelley Berkley.  Beginning with work ethic, in my 50 years of business, I’ve never known anyone who worked harder, longer, more efficiently and with greater integrity than Shelley Berkley.  Travelling weekly between Washington and Las Vegas in all her years in Congress is a feat all to itself.  She uses every minute of that travel time to read and work on issues that affect Nevada.   She attends every political, social and economic event unless there’s a duplication of events at the same time.  While Shelley can be irritating from time to time, her strengths so far outweigh any personal defects I can think of no reason that would prevent me from voting for her. 

Dean Heller, on the other hand, is lazy, uninterested, unresponsive, unconcerned and totally detached from understanding and solving Nevada’s problems.  He’s slick, polished, glib and charming, four traits that have no relevance to serving in the Senate.  If we lose Shelley’s knowledge and energy in Washington, we’ll have suffered a great loss.

Friday, October 26, 2012

More On Question 2

If the CCSD ballot question is not passed by the voters, as school facilities decay, money for repairs would come from the general operating budget.  This would require the Board of Trustees to make difficult choices, including existing programs, increasing class sizes, closing schools and reducing bus service.  Failure to support this bond issue is economic suicide.  

11 Days Before The Election

There are 11 days before the election is finalized on November 6.  I’m pleased that during the last month the American public, as it always seems to, has begun to understand the fundamental issues that separate Obama from Romney.  There’s no question in my mind that Obama is intellectually far superior, that his knowledge of the job is infinitely greater than Romney’s.  But even if Obama’s superiority in these areas was not so great, the fundamental (human) factor has come through to the American public.  Romney is detached and always has been detached to the needs and aspirations of the great majority of Americans who do not use the size of a man’s bank account to determine his competence in serving as our President.  Romney is one-dimensional and that one dimension has no relevance to being President.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

PAYGO Will Provide...

Nevada struggles to recover from the economic downturn.  Putting people to work is essential.  The PAYGO plan will not only benefit students with improved facilities, it will provide construction jobs as well.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney believes his one area of success, that is, transferring millions of dollars from the bank accounts of others to his bank account qualifies him to be President.  To the contrary.  The way this man has sucked the blood from legitimate businesses while putting that blood in his own bank account does not qualify him to be the President.  In fact it disqualifies him. There have been many wealthy presidents but not one of them ever believed their financial statement was a pedigree for being a successful president. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Schools Play A Vital Role

As southern Nevada’s recovery continues to flounder, all Nevadans discuss putting people to work.  When businesses consider moving to Clark County, the quality of education is always a consideration.  Safe and functioning schools play a vital role in building a strong community, helping to stimulate economic development and attracting new jobs.  All must support Nevada’s education system to revive its economy.