Monday, October 29, 2012

Dean Heller vs. Shelley Berkley

During the next five days, I’m going to give you my final impressions of the candidates in the five most important races that affect Nevada and Nevadans directly. 

FIRST – Dean Heller vs. Shelley Berkley.  Beginning with work ethic, in my 50 years of business, I’ve never known anyone who worked harder, longer, more efficiently and with greater integrity than Shelley Berkley.  Travelling weekly between Washington and Las Vegas in all her years in Congress is a feat all to itself.  She uses every minute of that travel time to read and work on issues that affect Nevada.   She attends every political, social and economic event unless there’s a duplication of events at the same time.  While Shelley can be irritating from time to time, her strengths so far outweigh any personal defects I can think of no reason that would prevent me from voting for her. 

Dean Heller, on the other hand, is lazy, uninterested, unresponsive, unconcerned and totally detached from understanding and solving Nevada’s problems.  He’s slick, polished, glib and charming, four traits that have no relevance to serving in the Senate.  If we lose Shelley’s knowledge and energy in Washington, we’ll have suffered a great loss.

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