Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Talked With Danny

The $17M judgment against the Tarkanian family was a real jolt to them and certainly creates serious questions on the way Danny does business.  This morning I talked with Danny about the facts leading up to that judgment, and being a lawyer, I quickly came to the conclusion that the Tarkanians may have gotten caught in a technical problem rather than a problem involving their character, honesty, integrity or business acumen.  My initial position was that I was neutral on that issue until I learned the facts.  I’m now persuaded that nothing exists in this issue that would impair his ability to serve as our U.S. Congressman.


  1. I bet it was much easier to get a phone call from Danny! Good information Jim, you are showing yourself a man of honor. I will be spreading that around.

  2. I admire your honestly and sense of fair play Jim. Well done!