Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Joe Heck vs. John Oceguera

Joe Heck vs. John Oceguera.  I watch and listen to Joe Heck’s ads.  I interviewed him twice on my noon show, Inside Nevada.  I would estimate that I agree with less than 50% of his positions on issues affecting Nevadans.  Joe is a thinking, very considerate, open-minded, hard-working and genuine person.  Those traits for me trump any differences he and I have philosophically.  

On the other hand, John Oceguera, whom I’ve known for at least ten years, and who has appeared on Inside Nevada at least twice, is a man without any character.  He has, as they say, gamed the system in that he’s become wealthy being a fireman and doing nothing to save this county and city money from the financial abuses of state and local employees.  I have no idea what John Oceguera stands for other than he stands for John Oceguera.   If he doesn’t scare you, you should reexamine your viewpoint.  The Heck-Oceguera contest is not even a close question for me.  My choice would be Heck.


  1. A big plus for me is that Congressman Heck is is also a Colonel in the Army Reserve.

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