Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More On Question 2

It is important to provide equitable learning environments among campuses so students who attend schools in older neighborhoods have the same education opportunities as those who attend newer schools. Students assigned to schools with inadequate air conditioning systems, leaky roofs and other malfunctioning equipment lose instruction time. Schools built before the computer era lack the basic infrastructure to allow the use of technology in the classroom. In 2014, students in grades three through eight will be required to take State assessments online; schools will need the technological infrastructure to support this mandate.

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  1. Great point on the infrastructure upgrades. This is not a result of neglect like the pile of leaky roofs and aging air conditioners that should have been repaired or replaced at the time they failed. These maintenance items are easy to outsource too.

    Upgrading buildings to support modern learning techniques is a very real need and adds to the costs of any school district. No matter its size.

    Once in a while I run into a CCSD employee at places like Kiesub. Every time they are juggling too much work while trying to locate parts and supplies to get something done.

    Sadly CCSD does not now have enough staff to maintain and support the current technology installed and adding more needed technology will only add more work for the people currently overworked in that department. CCSD will need to add to its technical support staff. And this is the type of work not easy to outsource.