Friday, May 2, 2014

At Risk?

The community colleges already have strong relationships with Nevada State College, UNLV and UNR. For example, the College of Southern Nevada has UNLV and NSC advisors on its campuses to help students transfer to obtain a four-year degree. Why put these collaborations at risk with four new governance systems?  With the current higher education system under the control of a 13-member Board of Regents, collaborations can happen in an efficient manner. Trying to get agreement among 13 people is a lot easier than the dozens that would be involved with five governing boards.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Helping Our Education System Move Forward

Nevada still has a long, tough, hill to climb when it comes to educating its population. Political games like those behind SB 391 do nothing to move us forward. They do the opposite and push our higher education system back toward a feudal system with each college fighting with the others for their slice of the pie. Our legislators and business community should focus on helping our education system move forward instead of continually cutting funding and creating solutions to problems that don’t exist.