Thursday, October 4, 2012

Horsford's Ego

The funding formula developed many years ago for distributing and allocating state funds among the eight higher education institutions of Nevada was so unfair that UNLV was shorted $600 million over 30 years.  Horsford, who always puts his own career above the needs of his constituents in southern Nevada, knew the funding formula was flawed and yet he did nothing until he began to run for Congress and learned that the funding formula was an issue that could help him win the Congressional race.  Like every other Horsford position, his actions were motivated only by his own interests rather than the interests of the state.  This man’s ego is so great that I wonder how he can get his head through a door.  


  1. Thanks!

    Ego is a great fit for Horsfords actions.

    Even when I arrived in Nevada (1983) that was an issue that was clear in Clark county news.

    That was when one actually read a physical paper. I don't have specific stories to site, only my feelings and memories.

  2. I'm no Horsford fan, but Jim Rogers accusing someone of having a big ego is pretty amusing.