Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Your Money Was Thrown Down The Drain

The regents spent $100,000 to ensure that a search firm would find and recommend a highly qualified person to be the president of UNR.  The needless cost of this amount should be laid directly at the feet of Regents Jason Geddes and James Leavitt.  I would strongly suggest that to make things right, Jason Geddes and James Leavitt write a check to the State of Nevada for $50,000 each.  Something got lost along the way.  It appears to me your money was spent for no reason in that Marc Johnson, the present Interim president, was always going to be the UNR President regardless of what the search firm found among various candidates.  All that was accomplished by spending your money was to create a cover for Johnson’s appointment.  Your money was thrown down the drain.  Will this type of governmental waste ever stop?  I think not. 

1 comment:

  1. Will this type of governmental waste ever stop? I think not.

    I disagree Jim! It WILL stop and the way that WILL happen will be ugly, very ugly.