Monday, April 9, 2012

Dr. Stephen Wells

How about this for no class?  Dr. Stephen Wells is President of the Desert Research Institute.  He has a world-wide reputation as an expert in the environment.  I recently attended a conference with him in Israel.  I was pleased with the response by the Russians, the Chinese, the Indians and every other major country in the world when they acknowledged Dr. Wells’ world-wide expertise in the environment. 

Dr. Wells recently applied for the presidency of UNR.  There was no way he was going to get the job because the fix was in for Dr. Marc Johnson to become the president.  So how did the selection committee handle this problem?  Rather than decide against Wells, they took him off the list of finalists.  When I heard that his name had been removed from the list, I called him that night to express my deep regret.  He told me I was the first person from the system to call him and tell him that he had been removed from the list.  He only found out about his removal when his wife told him that our station in Reno reported that Wells was no longer a contender. 

How about that folks for insensitivity and arrogance?

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