Monday, April 9, 2012

Repairing the Funding Formula?

The task of repairing the funding formula for the distribution of tax receipts among the eight higher education system colleges is born dead.  I have looked at the makeup of the committee, a committee that is stacked against the southern Nevada schools.  The complaints about how complicated the formula is and that no one can really solve the inequitable funding will become the excuse for the failure of the committee to solve the funding formula problem.
If you represent the group that has spent the last 40 years perpetuating the short changing of funds to the southern Nevada colleges, you can bet that the more complicated you keep the issues, the less chance there will be to solve them. 
Tomorrow I will give you my impressions of the education, training and experience of the 12 members of the Funding Formula Repair Committee.  I think you will find that overall it is a very weak group.

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