Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sandoval & Education

Sandoval reportedly pledged to cut no more money out of the education budget during the 2013 legislative session.  This act in itself is laudable, considering that Sandoval will most likely face harsh criticism from within his own party.  However, this is far too little and far too late.  Sandoval’s failure to understand education financing has irreparably damaged Nevada’s education system.

At least Sandoval had the character and intellect to refuse to sign the Norquist “no tax” pledge.  I will have more comments on those politicians who have signed away their voting rights to people like Norquist who are simply modern-day hired guns, people ruled by money and greed. 

One must question the timing of Sandoval’s pledge to education, especially during an election year. The governor may simply be posturing when he says, "no more cuts to education.”  When push comes to shove, he certainly will follow the Republican party line to destroy public education.  Education has little or no blood left.  For all practical purposes, public education is dead in Nevada and Sandoval’s promise not to take the last half pint of blood is meaningless. 

The governor is delusional if he believes the education community does not know he is anti-public education.  Politicians have their own set of rules for truthfulness.  That is, there are no rules.  A politician will say anything on day one and just the opposite on day two and will actually believe that the day two statement will control and that no one will remember the previous contradictory statement.  Sandoval has done everything possible to eliminate Nevada’s public education system.  He now seems to believe that with a little play on words the public will forget what he has done.

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