Wednesday, April 4, 2012


When UNLV was growing from 20,856 students to 28,317 students in about a decade (1998-2008), instead of building UNLV's infrastructure at twice the rate as UNR's to make up for some of this inequity, UNR received roughly 800k gross square feet of new state funded space while UNLV received approximately the same.  The other new buildings UNLV acquired during that period were paid for with institution-based funding, some generated by student fees.  Even when the state came up with funding, UNLV provided much more in matching funds than UNR did.  For example, 40% of the cost of the Greenspun building at UNLV was donated by the Greenspun family to the tune of $37 million.  UNR committed nothing like this amount in either private or institutional funds.

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