Friday, April 27, 2012


I am told that the number of K-12 children who qualify for the school lunch program is 60% of the students.  Two years ago it was 45%.

How and why have we failed so badly in the development of the American economy that our work force produces only enough to adequately fund the basic needs of only 40% of our children?

Before this country can solve any of its other problems, it must address the very fundamental issue of feeding its children.

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  1. Production equals Prosperity! Over 1 Billion cell phones were made in 2009, not one was made in America.
    Since 2001 over 45,000 American factories have shut down. Of our current workforce less than 10% are in manufacturing.
    While a service job is still a job, the USA must produce more stuff the World wants to buy.
    Everything else will then fall into place.