Monday, April 23, 2012

Rules For Admission

For 40 years, the eight institutions of Nevada’s higher education system acted as though each of them was the only higher education institution in the state.  Each created its own rules for admission, graduation and every other standard of operation.  That philosophy led to UNR and UNLV refusing to accept the academic records of students who wished to transfer from one of those schools to the other.  UNLV and UNR also set their own rules for transferring from community colleges.  One could take a full year of courses at a community college and find the universities would accept only one course.  The battles among the system colleges were so intense that presidents refused to speak to each other.  Back door lobbying was commonplace and the school that got to a legislator first, got the money. 

Things are different now.  Articulation agreements are in effect which allow the student to transfer all units from one of the schools to another.  More must be done to coordinate the efforts of the universities and community colleges and fortunately, the present sitting presidents are all compatible, supportive, and creative team players.

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  1. Jim,
    Thank you for all you do to make our schools better!