Monday, February 20, 2012


Remember my Tweets about the University of Nevada Medical School, that its mission was to serve all of Nevada including Southern Nevada and how for 40 years the medical school has functioned as though Clark County and counties other than Washoe didn’t exist? 
How about this for an insult to the injury?  The tuition for a medical school student is $17,999.  Tuition for the UNLV Law School is $23,900.  Tuition for the UNLV Dental School is $20,930. 
On their faces this seems rather fair.  But look at what it costs Nevada to educate these three groups of professionals. 
The Medical School costs are $141,324 per year, per student.  The Law School costs are $26,794 per year, per student. The Dental School costs are $39,297 per year, per student.  I would assume spending $141,324 on a medical student who pays only $17,999 in registration fees, the least of all the professional schools, should cause you to ask, “How the hell did this happen?  How did the doctors get such a sweet deal?”
I’ll give you the particulars during the next two weeks.

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