Monday, February 6, 2012

Need I Say More?

How many people in Nevada know the State Senator or State Assemblyman in their district?  How many people know their District Number?  How many representatives come knocking at your door to introduce themselves and discuss problems?

If you are like most, you don’t know who your representatives are.  If you have a problem how would you find your representative?  

For these two weeks, I have been Tweeting about the “funding formula” for the Nevada System of Higher Education and how funds are allocated between the North and South.    
This is an issue that should concern you.  The inequitable allocation of funds is destroying the Southern Nevada Higher Education Schools.  The Northern institutions receive 50% of State funds and the Southern institutions get the other 50%.  The number of students in Northern Nevada is approximately 25% - and the number of students in Southern Nevada is 75%.  Southern Nevada students are getting shortchanged and cheated.

I sent advanced copies of my Tweets to the members of the State Senate (21) and the State Assembly (42).  Not one of these representatives even commented on this important subject.

My assistant called a member of the Nevada State Legislature and was told that during the interim she did not access her emails.  If constituents want to reach her, they must phone or write.  

In today’s world where more and more people utilize email, you would think it is important to be available to your constituents for the 24 or 48 months you are elected to serve – not simply the three months when the Legislature is in session.

Need I say more?


  1. You are right! It is sad. There was a time when you could actually meet and talk with an official. Not now! They are all BIG SHOTS and the little people don't matter.
    If you can't get through to them what chance does a regular guy like me have?
    I've been getting the SAME form letter from Shelley Berkley for years!

  2. Our representatives are forgetting themselves. They forget that they must run for re-election. If they don't want to answer now, they will be forced to answer when running their campaigns. Perhaps WE should send form letters to our representatives and let them know how we feel about getting systematically ignored.

    A "regular guy like you" has a chance if we all work together. Just need a plan.