Wednesday, February 15, 2012


In spite of what many know-nothings believe, research   universities are great profit centers for a state. Grants for research pay the salaries of Deans, Professors, Graduate Students and scholarships for outstanding students. A primary reason that UNR and UNLV have not been successful financially is that they are 40 years behind the times in developing research and gathering large amounts of money to support research projects as well as to support the other functions of the schools.
Clark County is the economic engine for Nevada, and all successful urban areas must have a world-class research university. If Nevada is ever going to diversify its economy, that diversification can only occur in Southern Nevada.   When the State Legislature unfairly diverts higher education funds to the Northern schools, and the Regents rubber stamp these practices, that unfair and illogical diversion injures all Nevadans, holds back Nevada’s economic potential and leaves a very negative legacy for Nevada’s next generation.

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