Friday, February 17, 2012

If You Fail As Leaders Of The Regents....

When is the leadership of the Nevada System of Higher Education, specifically the Board of Regents, which has nine Southern members and four Northern members, going to assume the responsibility for the fair distribution of higher education funds between the North and the South?

Nothing the Board of Regents does is of any importance and will have any lasting effect if the Board does not begin to recognize that it has totally failed in the fair and proper distribution of education funds generated by the totally inadequate tax system of Nevada?  As underfunded as the System is, the problems for Southern Nevada are compounded by a Board of Regents that seems paralyzed to be fair and paralyzed by the memories of former State Senator Bill Raggio who did everything to protect the finances of the Northern Nevada higher education schools and very little, if anything, to financially support the Southern Nevada higher education schools.  Regardless of the efforts of the Southern Nevada Board of Regents to improve higher education in Southern Nevada, their failure to adequately fund and support the Southern Nevada higher education schools should raise to each the question, what in the world am I doing in a job where I refuse to recognize and solve a financial problem that is basic to the future of the Nevada System of Higher Education, especially Southern Nevada?  Take note Chairman, Jason Geddes and Vice Chairman, Kevin Page.  This one issue is the ultimate test to see if you fail as leaders of the Regents.

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