Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nevada Won't Be In The Game

I am appalled at the Nevada Legislature’s lack of understanding of the funding requirements of the Higher Education System of Nevada, how funds are actually distributed among the eight institutions and the legislators’ inability, because of political paralysis, to do anything to solve those problems.
I would be highly enraged, disappointed and discouraged if Nevada’s legislators attempted to understand the funding of Nevada’s Higher Education System and failed to radically change how the System is funded.
I’m even more outraged by the legislators’ lack of understanding and interest in learning the basic financial problems of the System because, without any effort to understand the problem, those problems will never be solved.
I am involved in higher education systems in several states.  State legislatures in every state are the same.  They could be interchanged and no one would know the difference because state legislatures that meet other than full time have absolutely no ability to learn and analyze the problems of the state they represent.  This is especially so in solving problems of education. 
When will the Southern Nevada Legislators get off their butts to ensure the South gets its fair share of state tax revenue to support Southern Nevada’s Higher Education Schools?    The answer is never.  If you’re 5’10,” regardless of how you try and what your desire is, you’ll never be able to play center against Shaquille O’Neal.  Our legislators are all 5’10” and are unable to play the game.  Until Nevada develops a new model legislator, Nevada won’t be in the game. 

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  1. The problem as I see it Jim is that almost all politicians are in the game for themselves and what they can get and the people be damned!