Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sandoval / Reid

Remember the old TV show “Name That Tune” where you won with the least number of notes you heard to name the tune? Nevada politics now uses the same theme that is the less you do the better you are. Look at the Sandoval/Reid election. Reid had all sorts of ideas, mostly good, a few mediocre and some bad. But he had a lot of ideas. Sandoval, on the other hand, had no ideas good, bad or indifferent. His theory is that the less creative you are the more effective you will be. Unfortunately for all of Nevadans Sandoval’s theory does not work. He is a man with no ideas, no creativity, no leadership and no success.

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  1. I think they call them HACKS! Sponging of the taxpayer teat! The NEW America and I don't like it much...