Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Logic? Fairness?

Compare the cost of providing a student with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a student with an M.D. Degree.  The medical student pays $17,999 tuition per year.  The Education student pays $5,318 tuition and fees per year.  
From the Nevada State General Fund, the financial support Nevada pays for the medical school student for four years is $506,856.  The state pays $10,000 for four years for educating the prospective teacher. 
There is no question doctors are important but so are school teachers.  If my math is correct, for the cost of educating one doctor, Nevada could educate 50 teachers.  Where is the logic and fairness in this? 

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  1. Where is the logic and fairness in this?
    Jim, you are talking about a Government run operation...logic and fairness don't enter into it!