Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Better Deal

It costs the state $506,856 to educate a medical doctor. That is a bad deal even if Nevada could be assured those medical school graduates would stay in Nevada to practice medicine.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Of the medical school graduates, only 50% practice in Nevada.  The cost of producing a doctor who practices medicine in Nevada is actually $1,013,712. 
Have we been out of our minds, not only in starting a medical school, but in supporting it for the last 40 years?  The medical school is a worthy project.    But an outrageous percentage of the state’s budget has been used to support a medical school that graduates only 62 per year.  Supporting the medical school has seriously reduced the financial support of every other student in the system. 
I’m not so sure this state couldn’t make a better deal buying doctors from out of state and putting more of the state’s funding into educating teachers to educate our children.

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  1. They should look at the Military Academy model. You MUST serve for a certain amount of years in the military. If Nevada pays for someones medical education they should be required to serve X amount of years in the Silver State.