Monday, February 27, 2012

Lack In Fairness

The Dental School at UNLV has 315 full-time students; the Law School at UNLV has 450; and the Medical School has 248 students.  The tuition at the Dental School is $20,930 per year; the tuition of the Law School is $23,900 per year; and the tuition at the School of Medicine is $17,999 per year.  The state provides $506,856 to educate a medical doctor; $69,899 to educate a dentist; and $43,805 to educate a lawyer.  Note that of the three professional schools, the School of Medicine has the lowest tuition.
The School of Medicine gets 7.3 times the amount that the Dental School receives from the state and the Medical School receives 11.6 times the amount of the Law School.  Do I not understand these figures?  They are unbelievable in their lack of fairness.

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