Wednesday, February 8, 2012


What do you think of legislators (those from Southern Nevada who are so grossly incompetent and lacking in any understanding of the financial structure of this State, specifically the funding of higher education) who for 30 years never had as much as one financial victory in the State Legislature in funding Southern Nevada Higher Education schools?  When funds were short, and funds were short every year, the Southern Nevada higher education schools got far less than their fair share.  That problem is exacerbated by the fact that Southern Nevada provides 75% of the tax revenue of the state.  When you realize the higher education students in Southern Nevada, who comprise 75% of the System’s total number, pay their tuition each year and that tuition doesn’t stay at the institution where they are enrolled, you have to wonder how Southern Nevadans could be so stupid and unobservant that they could allow this to happen.  I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF ANY SOUTHERN NEVADA LEGISLATOR WOULD RESPOND TO ME IN WRITING AND EXPLAIN WHY THE LEGISLATORS HAVE CONSISTENTLY ABANDONED THE SOUTHERN NEVADA HIGHER EDUCATION SYSTEM.
The fees students pay must stay at their campuses and not be subject to redistribution to other institutions—this includes getting rid of the current trap that technically keeps a dollar of student fee increase on the campus generating it, but then withdraws a dollar of state money netting $0!  Any new funding formula must distribute ONLY state general fund support to institutions, and not distribute tuition and fees to any institution that did not create those tuition and fees.  This is the only way the System can honestly tell students that all their fees will be invested in their campuses.

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