Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Happened To All Of The Highly Principled, Patriotic, Reasonable And Sound-Thinking Republicans?

I’m an Obama supporter and will vote for him. But I must comment on the lack of talent the Republican party is putting against him. Not one of them, except possibly Gingrich and Paul, come even close to matching Obama’s intelligence.

Yet Perry, a simpleton, if ever there was one; Bachmann (if you look into her eyes) you see the wallpaper behind her; Cain now gone, a man who is a quarter of a mile wide, and a half an inch deep; Romney, a man with no consistent convictions, a man with no drive or energy and a man who stands for everything, which means he stands for nothing; and Santorum, who, though a nice guy, does not have a creative thought between his ears, make up a supporting and competing group that is pathetically undistinguished.

What happened to all of the highly principled, patriotic, reasonable and sound-thinking Republicans who could have become candidates for the Republican Party?

Obama doesn’t have all the bad ideas and Republicans don’t have all the good ones. Both parties have principles that are sound and creative.

I would like to have the Republicans put forth a candidate who would truly be able to express and support and implement the conservative ideas. Unfortunately, not one of the present Republican candidates has any idea how the sound and creative ideas of the Republican philosophy can be implemented.
The Republicans have done a great disservice to this country by supporting such a group of mediocre, at best, and totally incompetent, at worst, candidates.

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