Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Opinion

I have the reputation of saying things that simply are too strong, too critical and certainly not in very good taste.

The difference between most people and me is that what I say publically is far kinder than what most people say about each other behind their backs.

I owe you my honest and best opinion about any persons or ideas that I feel are important enough for me to make my opinion known.

I don’t demand or expect that you agree with me. I have no belief that I have the best and final answers to any problem and that once you hear or read what I say, you need look no further. 

I hope you believe that I have given considerable thought and consideration before I reach a conclusion to say the things I say.

If you don’t disagree with a great deal of what I say, I will be disappointed. I want you to think about the issues which are far more important than your agreeing with me.

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