Thursday, December 15, 2011

What A Choice – A Windbag And An Idiot

Nevada has been blessed with quality political leadership. Its Governors for the past 60 years, with the exception of Jim Gibbons, have been world class.

Its membership in the Federal Congress has been well represented during the same 60 years, with the two exceptions, Jim Gibbons, who did absolutely nothing for Nevada and Dean Heller, who is simply a blank sheet of paper whose name should not be in any sentence with any other Nevada Congressional member during the last 60 years, with the exception of Jim Gibbons who was also a non-entity in Congress.

Now I’m looking at the 2012 crop of Nevadans who want to go to Congress and represent Nevada.

The two most likely opponents for Congressional District 4 are Barbara Cegavske and Steven Horsford. What a choice – a windbag (Horsford) and an idiot (Cegavske).

Horsford has been a great political disappointment during the last several years. As a State Senator he was overwhelmed by the problems the State faces and did absolutely nothing to improve life in Nevada.

And Cegavske. I cannot find the words to describe this person who has done nothing, and I mean nothing, to help Nevada.

As between a windbag and an idiot, I am sorry to say I have to vote for the windbag. 

Can’t we find someone of substance to run for this very important position?

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