Monday, December 12, 2011

Level of Education in Congress

Did you ever wonder what the level of education is in our U.S. Congress? 
Here are the facts:

1.  Of the 100 Senators, 99 have college degrees and 55 have law degrees. Twenty members of the House and four Senators have medical degrees.

2.  Of the 435 House members, 409 have college degrees. Seven have associates degrees. 

3.  Of the 435 house members, 167 hold law degrees and 18 have doctoral degrees.

You may not believe it, but this country is governed by a lot of very smart people. I can’t guarantee that smart, well-educated, very experienced people are able to solve this country’s problems, but I can tell you that a lot of simple-minded uneducated people will never solve our problems.

You wouldn’t go to a doctor who never attended medical school or a self-professed lawyer who had never been to law school.

And yet, Barbara Cegavske, who never went to college and never developed any expertise in any subject, has the guts to run for Congress, a position she will never understand, much less be able to fill.
Barbara is a charming, attractive person who has no comprehension to begin to understand what it takes to be competent in a job that requires real intellect and judgment.

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