Friday, December 2, 2011

10 Reasons Why People Don't Vote

Here are ten reasons surveys show why people don’t vote. Most of the reasons simply have no merit. Look at the ten and add to them excuses you have found people use to stay away from the polls. Send your lists to me and we will follow up in future twitters with our own poll.

1. Some people feel their vote won’t count so they say “Why vote”?
2. Students and employees report they are too busy to take time off from work or school.
3. Some Americans are not interested in voting or politics.
4. People who are ill or disable can’t get to the polls.
5. Illegal immigrants are not authorized to vote.
6. Many non-voters say they just don’t like the candidates.
7. Some residents don’t have transportation to get to the polls.
8. Citizens might be out of town on vacation or business trips.
9.  Forgetting to vote is a common explanation.
10.  Many Americans complain the voting lines are too long.

What then is the answer to the dilemma created by the Citizens United case which opens the financial spigots of the rich to buy our elections?

One simple solution is suggested in another portion of the Citizens United case where eight of the nine Supreme Court Judges agreed that laws requiring disclosure of the source of money for broadcast ads were permissible. These disclosure acts must be strengthened. The rich may try to buy elections, try to buy our representatives and try to control our laws and therefore our country. But it will help protect us immeasurably if we know how much money the rich are spending and what politicians they are buying.

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