Friday, December 16, 2011

Dean Heller vs. Shelley Berkley

Voting “No” on every issue that comes before Congress does not take great intellect, judgment or experience.

I have watched Senator Heller since he participated in the Obama care medical legislation debate.  He appears to be an intellectual lightweight.  Therefore, I was surprised to learn he graduated from the business school at the University of Southern California.  He should, therefore, have some understanding of money, how it is used to be productive and how it is used to invest in the future of this country, including its education system.

But for some reason, creativity got left out of Heller’s intelligence and work ethics. 

I think he’s a good honest man who really means well, but unfortunately, it takes more than good faith to handle the job.

In these times of an economy that is weak world-wide, no longer an economy that is controlled by the U.S., imagination, creativity, high energy and ambition are critical components of the attributes of a U.S. Senator.  He has none of these. 

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