Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Former Representative Dina Titus And Her Primary Opponent In The Race To Represent Nevada’s First District, Fellow Democrat Senator Ruben Kihuen

I know Dina Titus very well and my wife and I both have supported her since she got into State politics and eventually ran for Governor, a race which unfortunately made Jim Gibbons, the model for the man in the empty suit, Nevada’s Governor.

Dina is running for Congress. Beverly and I will support her. But I want to say some good things about her opponent, Ruben Kihuen. 

Ruben is a talented, bright young man with a brilliant future in Nevada politics. He represents substance and understanding of people’s problems, which very few Nevadans understand. As you know, he is presently a Nevada State Senator who has a genuine and caring eye on Nevada’s future.

I think Dina is the better candidate, but I don’t want to see Ruben withdraw from Nevada politics if he loses this race.

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