Monday, December 5, 2011

Are Television Stations Required To Take All The National Races Political Ads?

By November 2012 you will have seen more political ads than in any election. It’s anticipated there will be an increase of 9-18% over the $2.3 billion spent in the 2010 election. There are several causes for the increase, including the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that eliminated many restrictions for corporations spending political ad dollars. 

Are television stations required to take all the national races political ads? Federal law, enforced by the FCC, requires that LEGALLY QUALIFIED FEDERAL CANDIDATES must be provided reasonable access to use broadcast stations during their candidacies.

Nevadans will be voting for six Federal offices: President/Vice-President, four Congressional seats and one Senate seat. With the Democratic Presidential Caucus on January 31, the Republican Presidential Caucus two weeks later followed by the Super Bowl the next day, you will be flooded with National political ads.

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