Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Ultimate Example

I could probably have made a reasonable income, at least one which would have sustained me and my family, had I not spent nine years in college.

But without my college education and professional education, at 74 I’d be looking at my social security check as my sole support.

My education made me a relatively wealthy man.  And so it is with the wealth of most who are wealthy.  And yet those who have the millions often believe that they and they alone were the sole producer of those millions.  Talk about delusional—this is the ultimate example.  Nevada’s super-wealthy are among the worst in giving their communities the financial support their communities gave to them.


  1. I took the other path Jim and you're right. I've made a good living over the years but when the bubble burst a few years ago I got it right between the eyes. I have no College Education to fall back on so, I still have to work.
    I've tried explaining this to my adult children and their friends but they just see me as a stupid old man. They'll learn, the hard way, just like I did.