Thursday, February 21, 2013

He Was Wrong

No leader in this state has ever been more powerful than Bill Raggio.  He worked hard, was honest and genuinely thought he had the best interests of Nevada at the core of every decision he made.  But Raggios lack of creativity developed a system unable to grow and improve.  His refusal to make southern Nevada part of the state, left an empty legacy.  Raggio mistakenly believed that Nevada did not need to compete against any other state, did not need to follow the direction of any other state, but could stand alone and be successful.  Nevadans followed Raggios lead and also came to believe they need not be creative, aggressive or competitive and held the belief that Nevadans did not need any outside influence, any economy or any political structure to be successful other than what it had in 1950.  He was wrong and he hurt all of us.  

1 comment:

  1. You expect creativity from a politician? Don't hold your breath. All they seem to be good at is passing the buck, kicking the can down the road and the blame game.