Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Financial Support

If you look at all the world class medical schools in the United States, you will find that each had at least one donor who gave the school over 100 million dollars.  In several cases the gifts were above 250 million.  If you examine the list of donations to medical schools, the names and the amounts will blow your mind.  All of this information is public record that you can easily find.

We continue to complain about Nevada’s government support of Nevada’s Medical School.  That complaining will never have any substantial effect.  No state or local government ever built a quality medical school.

Look at the good ones.  They were all built and sustained by the financial support of rich, local residents.


  1. Are these the same rich that some politicians love to demonize?


    Sheldon Adelson could give money, think about that. I would like it, would you?