Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The word inefficient is the most used and misused description of K-16.  Parents and politicians who would make you believe they know the inefficient areas of our education system actually have no understanding of the problem.  If inefficiencies exist the public is neither smart enough or knowledgeable enough to know those inefficiencies.  Before education can be improved, the public must learn the actual causes of educations failure.  Ive seen no effort by parents to do anything more than repeat meaningless accusation.


  1. I think most parents realize that the CCSD buerauraracy is an over welming entity that the individual has no chance with.
    The other problem I see is social promotion. Back in the day when I was going to school if you didn't pass your finals you got left back. Now if a High School kid can't pass they give them a certificate of attendence instead.
    In my opinion this does not help the child OR the community.

  2. As a parent of an elementary student and preschool aged child, I would like to know the actual causes of education’s failure and what would be a meaningful contribution for improvement? I have observed issues while volunteering for a kindergarten class and am curious about other challenges and potential solutions. Is social promotion actually practiced? That is unacceptable! No wonder so many kids feel entitled and lack the grit to EARN things with hard work.