Monday, February 25, 2013

Nevada’s Education System

This is my 34th year as the owner of this station, my 60th year as a resident of Las Vegas and my 50th year as a Nevada attorney.  Obviously I believe in Las Vegas.  But I’m terribly disappointed in the development of Nevada’s education system, especially higher education.

Southern Nevada has unequaled wealth concentrated in a very few people.  There are more than just a few who are among the wealthiest in the world. 

There is no higher education system in the U. S. that has become so without the support of wealthy individuals.  The limited amount that the great majority of Nevadan’s who support UNLV and UNR can give will never be enough to make these two universities contenders in the world of higher education.

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  1. Nevada is to depend on gaming and mining. Someone, a real leader which I believe the state lacks, must start to broaden the economic base. I read in Sunday's Review Journal about the top employers in Las Vegas, not one produced a product.
    Without economic diversification I fear real help for Higher Education is doomed.
    Thank you Jim for all you have done!