Thursday, February 14, 2013


They tell me that the A and B students will do well in any education system regardless of that systems product.  I believe that and  I believe that to be true because the failings of the education system are compensated by the parents of the best students who push those excellent students to do well.  And Nevadas education system is capable of providing the student with all the education that student needs but only if the parents of those students compensate for the shortcomings.


  1. OMG! You expect this celebrity crazed, "smart" phone addicted, video game playing, you owe me, something for nothing generation (and I include my adult children in the group) to take responsibility for their own kids?
    Get serious Jim!

  2. It doesn't help our children to get an A or B in sub standard material. Parents help their kids meet the tasks they are given but how many parents know what their kids are missing to be "globally" competitive? The curriculum in Nevada needs to meet higher standards, teachers need to prepare students to meet them, and parents can then "compensate" by helping their kids understand those tasks and concepts. Parents are not educational experts that can compensate shortcomings of a poorly designed educational product. Maybe we need a guidebook that says Nevada teaches your kids a, b, & c and you need to teach them x, y, and z so they can be ready for college.