Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Redefine Government’s Role

Nevada will never free itself from the influence of the horse and buggy structure and capabilities of its governance system unless it totally restructures and redefines governments role to support the vast interests of the many faceted Nevada population.


  1. The real question is how has this gotten so out of hand. Oversight has been corrupt or incompetent for years. Petitioning is slow. A class action lawsuit might do it. Jim, why don't we develop a way that people could do more than vent. Maybe a dollar per call (900#) voting for or against issues with the money going to the winning solution or lawsuit. A self funding enterprise.

  2. I think you could safely apply this observation to the Federal government too.

  3. What do you think will be the American government’s role, if any, as it relates to business over the next twenty years, whether corporations or small business owners? What impact will the changes, if any, have on the American and/or global consumer?

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