Monday, February 11, 2013


Who’s to blame for Nevada’s nearly non-existing education system?  Answer:  we all are.  While the public at large made little or no effort to learn what was transpiring in the education system and therefore can only be blamed for inattention, educators in this state did nothing to sell their product.  Therefore, the first group I blame for our failure is the educator.


  1. Jim, you are on the money here. This is our society and community in southern Nevada. We (whether an individual or a community) get what we focus on.... Time to focus on our children and the future!

  2. There's plenty of blame to go around but NOW is the time to move F O R W A R D !

  3. So teachers would have gained better compensation if they had sold their product better, as opposed to simply crying poor all these decades.

    Very true Jim Rogers. Very true.

    But not everyone was failing to pay attention and you are one example.